Bucked Up Super Saloon Booking Info

Booking @ Bucked Up

Send an e-mail to:buckedupss@gmail.com
In the email, please provide the following information:

Please be patient. We want to hear your music and if it works for Bucked Up, book you into the club!
Bucked Up Super Saloon
E-mail: buckedupss@gmail.com
Due to the number of calls that we recieve, PLEASE send an e-mail with the requested info. We will contact you if we are interested in booking your band.

Once You Are Booked submit the following:
Please note: Press must be received at least one month prior to your show date.
Forward bios and reviews that we can copy, 5 or more CDs, 5 or more glossy photos, 10 posters of any size
Bucked Up Super Saloon